Wireless Pentesting and Network Exploitation
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Wireless Pentesting and Network Exploitation

Art of Exploitation®: Wireless Pentesting and Network Exploitation Edition exposes students to all manner of reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and reporting for 802.11 networks. The Lab Topics expose students to a variety of survey, database creation, scripting, and attack methods that can be used to gain a foot hold into a client’s network during a penetration test.

Target Audience

Penetration testers looking to broaden their overall penetration testing skill set, Wireless engineers, System Administrators, Developers.

Learning Objectives

Provide in-depth exposure to all facets of 802.11 penetration testing, encryption cracking, post-exploitation pillaging and report writing.


Class is approximately 75% hands on training and 25% instruction based training. A variety of digital images are provided for students.


  1. Creating custom password lists
  2. 802.11 survey
  3. 802.11 collection
  4. Creating SQL databases
  5. Querying SQL databases
  6. Creating survey reports
  7. Cracking WEP
  8. Attacking WPA/WPA2
  9. Dictionary-based Password Attacks
  10. Man-in-the-Middle Attacks over 802.11
Wireless Datasheet

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