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Mobile Device Forensics

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Courses - Mobile Device Forensics

As users embrace the mobile technologies that continue to emerge, retrieving information from these devices by those with the need and authority becomes necessary. The Art of Exploitation: Mobile Device Forensics Edition introduces the user to the various mobile technologies, infrastructures, acquisition concepts and techniques, and operating systems. Students of this course will be introduced to a method of data retrieval that can be followed against most devices available today. Students also will learn where and how information is stored.


  • Understanding of Network Communications Fundamentals
  • Understanding of Windows command line familiarity
  • Understanding of UNIX command line familiarity


  1. Mobile Technology and Infrastructure
  2. Understanding Mobile Operating Systems
  3. Application Lifestyle
  4. Data Storage Location and Methodology
  5. Locating and Recovering User Data
Mobile Device Forensics Datasheet

Course Pricing

4 Days$3,000.00$2,063.00

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