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Malware Reverse Engineering

Courses - Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware is one of the greatest threats facing computer security today, but not all malware is created equal. Time spent analyzing malware means time away from conducting other mission-relevant jobs. What sets this course apart from others is that it teaches a unique method of capability analysis via pattern recognition, allowing students to rapidly determine if the malware is a threat to operations.


  • Understanding of TCP/IP Fundamentals
  • Proficiency using Windows


  1. Malware Reverse Engineering Methodology
  2. Assembly Language
  3. Tool Familiarization
  4. Identifying Malware Capabilities Through Reverse Engineering
  5. De-obfuscation of Malware
  6. Capstone
Malware Reverse Engineering Datasheet

Course Pricing

3 Days$3,000.00$2,078.00

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