Malware Reverse Engineering
Duration: 3 DaysCommercial: $3,000Government: $2,078

Malware Reverse Engineering

Art of Exploitation®: Malware Reverse Engineering Edition is designed to teach the student about malicious threats and how to perform reverse engineering assessments. As the student becomes familiar with the proper methodology, they will learn to quickly identify malicious activity patterns and how to repair affected components.

Target Audience

Professionals with knowledge of the fundamentals of TCP/IP and proficiency in Windows. Experience with Assembly Language Programming is highly recommended.

Learning Objectives

This course uses a unique method of capability analysis, via pattern recognition, to teach students how to rapidly determine if malware is a threat to operations. This method helps to provide valuable analysis at a quick rate. After determining the threat level, students will learn the how to fix the vulnerabilities and the correct recommendations to make to upper management, while on the job.


  1. Overview
  2. Malware Reverse Engineering Methodology
  3. Basics of Assembly
  4. Assembly Instructions
  5. Malware Fundamentals & Tool Familiarization
  6. Rapid Malware Identification via reverse engineering
  7. Identifying Malware Capabilities
  8. Malware Defensive Techniques
  9. Web Based Malware
  10. Malware Incident Prevention
  11. Prevention
  12. Eradication
Malware Reverse Engineering Datasheet

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