Penetration Testing and Exploitation
Duration: 5 DaysCommercial: $3,783Government: $2,833

Courses - Developer's III

Developer's III Edition provides an overview of technologies and techniques used to implement security tools from an attacker's point of view. A better understanding of tool implementation is useful from a defensive stance as well as for security auditors and red team personnel. The Windows platform will be utilized in this course.


  • AoE® Bootcamp Edition
  • C/C++ background
  • Operating System Fundamentals

Developer's Edition III focuses on the methodology and the creation of exploits on both local and remote software. Utilizing various debugging and fuzzing tools the students learn the concepts of exploiting software in order to create proof of concept code.


  1. Exploitation Overview
  2. Methodology
  3. Memory & Essential Assembly
  4. Fuzzing Overview
  5. Manual Exploit Analysis
  6. Automated Fuzzing
  7. Shellcode Development
  8. Return Oriented Programming
  9. Capstone
Developer's III Datasheet

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