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Courses - Developer's I

The Developer’s Edition I provides an overview of technologies and techniques implemented to utilize backdoors and rootkits as the platform to introduce Windows development to the student. The course will start with basic Windows API’s and end with advanced Device Driver development. A major facet of this course is an overview of technologies security tools from an attacker’s point of view. A better understanding of tool implementation is useful from a defensive and forensic perspective as well as for security auditors/red team personnel.


  • AoE® Bootcamp Edition
  • C/C++ background
  • Operating System Fundamentals


  1. Backdoor and Rootkit Overview
  2. Windows Overview
  3. Windows API Overview
  4. Backdoor Development
  5. Networking
  6. Processes and Threads
  7. File System
  8. Dynamic Link Libraries
  9. Registry
  10. Persistence
  11. Droppers
  12. Windows Services
  13. DLL Injection
  14. Windows Drivers
  15. Driver Programming
  16. Kernel Debugging
  17. Driver Loading
  18. Driver Communication
  19. SSDT Hooking
  20. IRP Hooking
  21. DKOM
Developer's I Datasheet
9 Days

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