Penetration Testing and Exploitation 3.0
Duration: 5 DaysCommercial: $3,783Government: $2,833

Penetration Testing and Exploitation 3.0

Art of Exploitation®: Penetration Testing and
Exploitation 3.0 exposes students to all manner of reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and pillaging for 802.3 networks.

The Lab Topics expose students to a variety of recon, discovery, scanning, enumeration, exploitation, post-exploitation, pillaging, covering your tracks and persistence.

Target Audience

Penetration testers looking to broaden their overall penetration testing skill set, network engineers, System Administrators, Developers.

Learning Objectives

Provide in-depth exposure and hands-on practice with all facets of 802.3 hacking, vulnerability research, pivoting, exploitation, password/hash cracking, post-exploitation pillaging and methods of setting up persistence on a victim’s network.


Class is approximately 75% hands on training and 25% instruction based training. A virtual lab environment is provided for students.


  1. Creating custom password lists
  2. Scanning LAN Segments
  3. Scanning Targets behind Firewalls
  4. Exploiting Various Flavors of Windows & Linux
  5. Pivoting
  6. Pillaging Non-Public Information from Compromised Hosts
  7. Linux Command Line for Exploitation
  8. Windows Command Line for Exploitation
  9. Using PowerShell to Pillage Compromised Hosts
Penetration Testing and Exploitation 3.0 Datasheet

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