Bootcamp 3.0

Bootcamp 3.0

The first offering in this series is the flagship course "Art of Exploitation® Bootcamp Edition 3.0." Modular in design and comprehensive in scope, the Bootcamp Edition is a nine-day, intense course of study with over 40 labs that provides an introduction to the basic tactics, techniques, and methodology required for a Network Exploitation Analyst or Operator.

In addition to the nine-day basic course, the modular design allows individual sections to be added, subtracted, or taught separately depending on the requirements of the audience. The modules included in this course are:


  1. Pre-operations and Legal Requirements
  2. Basic O/S Review
  3. Methodology
  4. Open Source and Network Discovery
  5. Network Reconnaissance
  6. Vulnerability Identification
  7. Hacking Network Devices
  8. Hacking Unix
  9. Hacking Windows
  10. Hacking an Intranet
  11. Capstone Exercise
Bootcamp 3.0 Datasheet Bootcamp 3.0 Datasheet

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