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Basic Digital Media Forensics

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Courses - Basic Digital Media Forensics

Basic Digital Media Forensics is an in-depth course which covers the beginning level information needed to understand the forensic process and start conducting forensic examinations on digital media. This course covers file systems used by the Windows operating system, structure of digital media, the imaging process, an introduction to automated forensic tools, Windows operating system artifacts, and case reporting. This course combines all facets of the learning process: lecture and presentation, instructor-led demonstration, and hands-on practical exercises. There is a final exercise and examination.


Students are encouraged to have a strong working knowledge of Windows. A+ Certification or strong IT background is beneficial; a logical thought process and a willingness to learn is essential.


  1. Forensic Methodology
  2. Acquisition and Digital Media
  3. File Systems and Partition Structure
  4. Automated Forensic Tools
  5. Windows Forensics
  6. Case Reporting and Testing
Basic Digital Media Forensics Datasheet

Course Pricing

5 Days$2,500.00$1,856.00

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