Basic Digital Media Forensics
Duration: 5 DaysCommercial: $2,500Government: $1,856

Basic Digital Media Forensics

Art of Exploitation®: Basic Digital Media Forensics Edition provides an introduction of media collection, imaging, and analysis. Students will discuss file systems and partition structures, as well as how data is stored. This is to better understand how and where data is stored on multiple types of digital media, and the best methods to access that data

The course will outline a number of ways to achieve forensic goals, while ensuring all processes are completed in a forensically sound manner. Chain of custody and evidence handling will be addressed, as well as what to do and what not to do when dealing with ‘live’ evidence.

Target Audience

Professionals looking to either broaden their cyber skills or begin to develop a strong skillset within the forensic community. This is an optimal starting point for individuals looking to expand their forensic knowledge.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to provide a solid understanding of what is considered valuable digital media that can that can be used as forensic evidence during the course of an investigation. Students will also gain a solid understanding of how data is stored and how to retrieve data using multiple tools to achieve the goals of acquisition and analysis.


Class is approximately 50% hands on training and 50% instruction based training. A variety of digital images are provided for students.


  1. Forensic imaging using FTK Imager
  2. Forensically preparing target media using dc3dd
  3. Identifying and discussing various types of digital media that has been and could be useful in a forensic investigation
  4. Forensic analysis of a raw image using autopsy
  5. Exifdata analysis
  6. Viewing data in a hex editor and drafting a comprehensive forensic report
Basic Digital Media Forensics Datasheet

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