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Courses - ARM Assembly

AoE’s ARM Assembly Edition is a two day course designed to introduce students with a background in programming to ARM assembly. Students are expected to possess a general knowledge of memory structures including the stack, procedures, and calling conventions. Knowledge of ARM-specific concepts is not required.

Starting with a brief comparison of RISC and CISC processors and the benefits of each, the class moves quickly to compilation and execution of code using the gcc editor and the GNU assembler (GAS). Using ARM hardware, students will learn to create and call user-defined functions as well as system calls through offsets into the syscall table. Networking and socket communication will be covered and students will create executable programs that communicate over an IP-enabled network. The course will culminate with the students creating a functional, multiplexed chat client and server.


  • AoE's x86 Assembly Edition or equivalent


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Background Review
  3. Registers
  4. Arithmetic Commands
  5. Assemblers
  6. Simple Memory Access
  7. Calling Functions from C run-time Library
  8. Using the syscall table
  9. ARM I/O
  10. ARM Memory
  11. Conditional Execution (Branching)
  12. ARM Pipelining
  13. Conditional Instructions
  14. ARM user-defined Procedures
  15. Network Overview
  16. Writing a Server
  17. Memory Structures (Structs)
  18. More on File Descriptors
  19. Blocking Calls
  20. Using Poll()
  21. Writing a Client
  22. Multiplexing a Server
ARM Fundamentals Datasheet

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