Advanced Digital Media Forensics
Duration: 5 DaysCommercial: $3,495Government: $2,166

Advanced Digital Media Forensics

Art of Exploitation®: Advanced Digital Media Forensics Edition provides an in-depth look at forensic acquisition and analysis of multiple types of media. Furthermore, the class will cover advanced automated tools, as well as manual tools and methodologies. The course will outline a number of ways to achieve forensic goals, while ensuring all processes are completed in a forensically sound manner. A variety of Windows artifacts, as well as Internet, Chat, and Social Media artifacts will be a part of the classes’ focus. Additionally, data obfuscation will be discussed as well as how to possibly obtain and analyze various types of data that was intended to be hidden, overwritten, or deleted. Lastly, students will consider deploying discussed forensic methodologies in both a proactive and reactive manner.

Target Audience

Professionals looking to expand their digital forensic knowledge and better understand tips, tricks, and methodologies to understanding data locations, and recovering said data. This class is for the examiner/investigator that may face a multitude of examination requirements.

Learning Objectives

Provide an advanced analytical perspective with regards to data that can be considered of forensic value. Also, gain a solid understanding of how the data is stored and how data can be recovered, using both automated and manual tools to achieve the goals of acquisition and subsequent analysis. In addition, students will take a look at the multitude of locations that data can be either retrieved or validated.


Class is approximately 50% hands on training and 50% instruction based training. A variety of digital images are provided for students.


  1. Forensic imaging using FTK Imager
  2. Forensically preparing target media using dc3dd
  3. Windows Event Logs
  4. Manual data carving
  5. Cryptography
  6. Password Cracking
Advanced Digital Media Forensics Datasheet

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