Our Mission

To provide professionals with world-class training that teaches the latest cybersecurity theories, skills, and best practices for government and private enterprises.

Our Methodology

AoE courseware designers believe that professionals learn best by doing; our students train on the latest cybersecurity theories and methodologies in state-of-the-art laboratory settings. Our courses are mapped directly to specific learning objectives from governing institutions and cybersecurity communities of practice.

Our Staff

The AoE Team is comprised of professionals with the practical experience and skills needed to defend an enterprise. AoE demands that instructors remain current with the latest cybersecurity certifications and methods to ensure our curriculum remains current and relevant.

Our Facility

The AoE Training Center is located in Hanover, MD. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with 10 training rooms that can accommodate varying class sizes of (up to) 200 personnel. AoE staff and training are also available for worldwide delivery either onsite or online.

Our Courses

TCS has partnered with ISACA to deliver the first skills-based cybersecurity training with performance-based exams and certifications.

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Indicates the courses that are ACE Recommended & Evaluated.

Assembly Fundamentals Edition
Fundamentals Edition
Bootcamp Edition 2.5
Bootcamp 2.5
Developer's 0
Developer's 0
Developer's I
Developer's I
Basic Digital Media Forensics
Basic Digital
Media Forensics
Advanced Digital Media Forensics
Advanced Digital
Media Forensics
Introductin to TCP/IP Edition
Introduction to
Malware Reverse Engineering
Malware Reverse
Mobile Device Forensics
Mobile Device
Basic Network Forensics
Python for Network Security Analysts
Python for Network
Security Analysts
Wireless Edition
Wiretap Edition
Cybersecurity Nexus Practitioner
Cybersecurity Nexus Practitioner

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